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Mar 17, 2010

Clash-room (for BSCS IV-b(N)batch 2009-2010

Every person has its own story to tell. . there is a man who makes everybody laugh but he himself is not happy.. there is man who used to be strong, and think that he can do everything but deep inside him ,he is weak.
There is a man who really want to be appreciated by people..some want to go with the flow.. to go with their friends and chat in the middle of the discussion..
some want to be recognize , so after this chapter of his life people can still remember him when they apart.Others are good advisers, good friends and companions..others are staring at the bright side of life but there are still some who used to be pessimistic..lot's are craving for high grades , and to be successful in the next year of existence..some are jolly whom u can easily approach ,but there is still someone who are very aloof and snobbish..some of this people used to tell every details of his own story ..while there are still some one who remains a mystery for everybody..
whatever attitude possess by this people i know that there is always a reason behind it...
I will miss you all...Thanks for everything ...and Gudluck to the next chapter of our life. Happy Graduation!(April 15,2010)


RED said...


mas mahirap ang buhay sa labas ng skul kaya gudlak sa lahat.

Jules said...

Congrats to the graduates!

I agree with stupidient. It's more harder outside to fight for the wealth outside. So goodluck is all i can say. And be strong to face the real world. =D

The Brown Mestizo

Goryo said...

Congrats sa inyo.... Computer Science pala course mo? tama ba ako?