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Mar 21, 2009

A tale of survival!

Sometimes we thought that only boys are capable of doing tough things, that US girls are weak and fragile. That all we do is just to make ourselves pleasant to everybody, putting make up, applying different beauty products, staying in a room and talk about some stuffs. Well guys, I’ll prove you wrong.

            Actually we really want some adventure, adventure and adventure. ! And for us to make it, we climb a mountain some where in Rosario. Well it took us a long time to get on its peak...”Shocks” really tiring, our hands and feet are both grubby during our hiking. Well it doesn’t matter at least we’re able to make it. On the top we just relax take a rest and breathe some fresh air. It as if were on the top of Mount Everest hay! (Exaggerated)

            In just a few moments we try to go down coz the ambience is becoming hot. Marie joy that’s really a good adventurer surpasses and takes us some photograph. And with the help of some kids who accompanied us, we were able to go down carefully…thanks God were alive (hehe) and now who said that were weak? Who said that we can’t make it..? We survive.Yes! We did it! (Dora)