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Feb 20, 2009


Life is queer..Unpredictable..

Life is a long journey of hardship and trials..
  Life is nothing but a Mess..sometimes i wanna quit..stop and take a rest..
Until i Met HIm.
(kuha q 2 nung field trip nmen hbng nsa bus)


I don't know why there are people who choose to kill themselves when they don't know how to handle their problems, while there are people who are still trying to survive even if they don't having anything in this world , only their faith in God..

Every individual whether you are rich or poor, beautiful or not, have lot's of friends or none, whether you belong to a complete or broken families.. whether who are happy or lonely, there are no are destined to have problems, problems that can make us strong and help us to become brave in facing those challenges that we galore, problems that was given to us by our almighty God not to make us cry or to bring out hardship in life, but to test us on how far is our faith on Him.. until when we will trust Him.

But despite from that fact there are people who easily give up with those trials they have faced, they are people that choose to end there life because they believed that they are hopeless, they believed that at that moment no one can help them ,they are numb, they are weak, they are losers so they chose to quit without knowing that there is someone who can still help them. but they don't wait Him..

They don't know that there are lot's of people who are also suffering but these people unlike them still chose to exist the people in Africa..

Empty House

Since I was a child I wish that we can live in a big house so me and my 8 siblings will no longer fit ourselves in our small room. I wish that we can have that tall house i can see in a movie,like the house of the richest people... so expensive, so elegant and beautiful..but one thing was in my mind, are they happy inside? why is it look so pale despite of it's different color, why is it every time we had a Christmas carol nobody opens the door?..

opps please hide me!

"If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started."

I wanna hide, i don't want to be notice, i'm shy when people look at me. it's as if the ground will take me and that's make me a looser. 
hmmp, that's what me before. I used to hide in my room when there are visitors in our house, when we have reporting in school, speech deliberation, or anything that will lead me on stage, make me really nervous and turns my hand really sweat. but everything has change when i go to college. thanks to my friends for boosting my self confidence. And of course to my parents for always telling me that i have nothing to be afraid of, or to be shy. After all i didn't do anything that can hurt the feelings of others, and yet who are they anyway?
I once read a book about self confidence which lend to me by my very good friend. and to tell you it really help me a lot, as in this book of sitagita speaks on is really nice. According to this book self confidence is a necessary ingredient for success. Self-confidence sells. It's something you can sense about a person upon entering a room. it's evident through body language and speech.
In my own perception self-confidence is something that every people must possess in order for you to success. Because even if you have lot of things in your mind but you are shy to express that to other people you become a looser. Once timidity prevails on you, everything will vanish in just a single snap. But once you start thinking that you can do it and believed that you are good, i'll assure you, you can be a winner. It's never too late! it's never too late to come out with the cold. Your life is in your hands, in your state of mind and in your attitude. Exploit you strengths and starve you weaknesses.Just like me you don't have to say opps! please hide me.

Post Secret

At once i stop writing and forget that this is my world, that this is not the field i belong. but one night.I found someone sketching on his drawing pad, trying to figure out an image. Silently making an art of his own imagination, but i don't have any idea of what's  mystery behind it.

One of my friend told me that when you write you must have the courage.Courage to tell all the entire things on your mind, courage to express your feelings and ideas.your doubts and beliefs. Your perception about life. Your emotion when you fall in love.
 freedom. you are free for whatever words you write unless it can't violate human dignity.Courage and freedom to tell the world that your afraid. Afraid of losing someone, of being embarrased, of being out of place. Afraid of being threaten like a trash. Afraid to fall, but if happened, willing to stand up and fight again.
Courage and freedom to tell the world that you're angry, sad, alone, and happy. Happiness that you acquire in a moment but gradually vanished. Happiness that didn't last.
Courage and freedom to tell the world that you are inlove. Inlove? But to whom? To someone, to somebody.
But what if that man started to treat you like nobody else? Can you still have the courage?
I must...I should...but everytime i think of the image he is trying to figure out, i'm afraid that I haven't have a chance to see that. never.So I just post it as a secret.
He is a man with a very few words, a mystery man for me.that i  have known only a few things about him. A man who prefer to be silent but deep inside him are lot's good thoughts he can share. He is a man that whatever kind of mood i have can still manage to make me smile.No. A thought of him make me smile. A man that give me the reason to bring out the best in me. A man that make my day bounded with colors. As if everyday  is "Valentines day". A man wherein i can find that magical silence. the sparks that i haven't felt before. Some said that when you find that silence don't let him go., but how? If he found that silence to somebody else.
I know life must go on. I just have a crush and so what? and so what if I'm inlove with him? and so what if people tease me? and so what if he just ignore me? atleast i have express what's inside me. Afterall i just being true to myself.
For whatever the consequences ...
I do not care anymore...
But if one day he found out this secret ( i know it will) , i hope when i enter the room he can still manage to smile at me., and i hope i can still have the courage to stare.