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Feb 20, 2009


I don't know why there are people who choose to kill themselves when they don't know how to handle their problems, while there are people who are still trying to survive even if they don't having anything in this world , only their faith in God..

Every individual whether you are rich or poor, beautiful or not, have lot's of friends or none, whether you belong to a complete or broken families.. whether who are happy or lonely, there are no are destined to have problems, problems that can make us strong and help us to become brave in facing those challenges that we galore, problems that was given to us by our almighty God not to make us cry or to bring out hardship in life, but to test us on how far is our faith on Him.. until when we will trust Him.

But despite from that fact there are people who easily give up with those trials they have faced, they are people that choose to end there life because they believed that they are hopeless, they believed that at that moment no one can help them ,they are numb, they are weak, they are losers so they chose to quit without knowing that there is someone who can still help them. but they don't wait Him..

They don't know that there are lot's of people who are also suffering but these people unlike them still chose to exist the people in Africa..


Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

I don't like people killing themselves. It's a mortal sin. Only God can take our lives from us on the right place and on the right time.

May this people be enlightened with their lives so that they will finally be awakened with the realization that there's much more to life than darkness and sorrow.

God bless their souls.

Tsaka hate ko din pala yung mga Emo who's doing wrist incision. They're insane.